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    The artistic career of Leonardo Gonnelli, DJ-composer-arranger, began in 2001 on the Florentine House Music scene of that period. A music scene that was a cocktail of acid, funk and Detroit techno. His career took him to most of Europe and the world, participating in and collaborating on a number of world tours such as as MTV (2002), Nokia Lab Trend (2007), Privilege World Tour Ibiza (2006) and WMC Miami (2010). Born in Florence, Italy, his childhood was framed by his wonderful Tuscany, a frame of colour, fragrance and flavours, a source of inspiration for every step he took. As a teenager, Leonardo was often attracted by combinations of House, Acid, Deep and Techno; listening to hot-sounding, timeless records as well as a mania for video games and computers. He loves technology applied to music because he believes it is a great resource for gleaning inspiration without ever abandoning his DJ roots of a twin deck, a mixer and records. As a producer and remixer, his productions are released by some of the world’s major labels: Suara, Material, Bla Bla, Form, 100% Pure, Stereo Productions, Great Stuff, Toolroom Records, to mention but a few. And he has always had back-up and been on the playlists of the world’s biggest DJs, such as Richie Hawtin, Adam Bayer, Marco Carola, Sven Vath, Dubfire and many others. In 2010, driven by the need to have his own, small “label”, he founded Jonk Records, a sounding board for ideas apart from fulfilling his own-label need, on which the work of a number of artists such as Italoboyz, DJ W!ld, Doomwork, Danny Serrano and many more has already been released. His determination and enthusiasm have meant that today he is considered a DJ and record producer high in the techno and house charts all around the world.