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    Koutarou Adachi, better known under the anglicized form Dj Koutarou.A, Dj/producer fromTokyo,japan 1988. Dj Koutarou.A specializes in Dark and Sexy tribal groove, and various types of Quality House Music.

    He has first released with Eight Ball Records-the track ‘SAKURA’ and ‘SHAMISEN TRACKS’ with Empire State Records NYC. Now is working with DJCHUS(Stereo Productions) in many new projects and released from Stereo Productions,Twisted,Beatfreak Recordings, Iboga Records, KULT Records, Nervous Records,
    Insertcoin Records,Undergroovy Records and more.

    He has composed music for Roland,Suzuki Motors Productions and M:ROBE (Olympus Camera).
    Among his performances the most relevant are: Twilo (NYC), Lime Lite (NYC), Life (NYC),Space(Miami),Cameo(Miami),ageHa (Japan and Taipei)and in cities as around the world.

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