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The Cube Guys, Landmark

No Me Puedo Controlar - Part 1 (Original Mixes)

Release Date: 21.10.2009
Catalog: SP059
Genre: DJ Tools, House

Here we present our new release by two of the most important and representatives producers from Italy, The Cube Guys & Landmark, ‘No Me Puedo Controlar’ is an Insane track with an unique style The fantastic rhythm that it has is supported by a rare female talking vocal that gives a sensual feeling to this track, and the whistle around the track gives a charming feeling that will keep in your mind… Many adjectives to label this release, danceful, funny, graceful… but with a high level of production and current & refinedance anthems.

The Cube Guys is a club project born in 2000 from the collaboration between two of the most important Ita- lian producers: Roberto Intrallazzi and Luca Provera. Even if they have different background and professional training, they’re united by their common desire to release new productions and give their own contribution to the international dance and club scene. Stereo Productions had a remix from these guys in Massi & De Leon presents Breathwaite ‘Show You’ that has a enormous success and their are back again with this stuning release.

Landmark is one of the few producers in the world that finds supports from all genres djs,He’s an extrovert and instinctive kind of guy: heavily influenced by the Independent French and American scene, he demons- trates an enormous understanding of rhythm. His showmanship when in the Dj booth always creates a situa- tion of general exaltation within the crowd through his energy.