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Tribal Tech EP

Release Date: 18.05.2009
Catalog: SP056
Artists: D-Unity

They are the top duo nowadays at world’s Underground Tech-Tribal scene. They are the spotlight of the top selling websites such as Beatport and their productions are searched as gold. Hitting the Top bestsellers list on Beatport, Juno Records & DJMR several times no matter about genre the are in every playlist, chart, top or review. Damian Jacuk and Damian Strak are D-Unity in their progressive, tribal house side, These two hard-working Europeans based in Canada, have their own digital record label, Beat Therapy Records distributed world wide. D-Unity started producing in 2001 and their skill, talent and sound are easily recognized by their fans and after months of hard work and determination and now after a long way, D-Unity are stronger then ever. With a unique resonance unlike the standard Canadian sound, Jacuk & Strak dare to go deep into the cre- vasse of the underground and deliver hard-edge bass driven beats with a side order of Iberican into their D-Unity mixes or productions… Stereo Productions , Magna, Yoshitoshi, Toolroom, Ultra, Armada, Kult, Chumbomundo… No doubt that the Iberican, tribal & groove blood are running in their vains. Devotion and inspiration from the masters Chus & Ceballos, they are the truly inheritors of their sound legacy, will the future bring a ga- thered production? we hope so!!! Tribal Tech has 4 amazing tracks, Afrika was released on Stereo Miami Music Sampler and it has a huge feedback, now is time to release the rest three killing tracks. Wacth out for ‘The Dream’, the words of Martin Luther King will rise again the crowd! Stay tuned! D-Unity will be back very soon in stereo!