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Sharp & Smooth, Solar Sun, DJ Koutarou.a

Euphoria Vibe

Release Date: 30.05.2008
Catalog: SPDD011

Second part of the great hit Euphoria Vibe from Israelis Sharp & Smooth. These guys are building a solid reputation as producers and remixers delivering strong hypnotic beats since 2007. Sharp & Smooth have released in such renowned labels as Star69, TKC Music or in our own imprint Stereo Productions. Euphoria Vibe started as an idea of someone having strong euphoria in a club night. The track transmits that sensations you experiment in a club at peak hour when your DJ spins that track you love and you start feeling like flying hypnotized by the music. The first pack included two mixes from Sharp & Smooth and a remix from our Japanese friend DJ Koutarou.a. We left this bunch of re- mixes we present right now for a second Euphoria Vibe release. This time in our most exclusive and demanded label, Stereo Unreleased Trax. Venezuelans Eduardo Javith & Pedro Gil go back to the classic 90’s sound! On their Javith & Gil Loves Elisa Mix they bring back the unique flavour of the early 90’s progressive house tracks. A dreamy piano melody flies over a fantastic landscape of progressive sounds, classic synths and a steady 4×4 classic beat & bass rhythm. Remember those days? Phunk Investigation get really deep. An endless bleep opens up this remix while a hard and deep beat hits you straight to the stomach. The original melody appears here for first time and brings back the great feeling of the original track. Phunk Investigations use Deep Minimal structures and sounds in this track giving it a modern and contemporary feel. Solar Sun Injection Remix is a futuristic techy approach to Euphoria Vibe. A powerful and hypnotic Electro House beat with some random ring moduled bleeps make the perfect base for the original synth melody, which gives the final class touch to this track.