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    DJ Vibe

    Savage EP

    Release Date: 03.02.2017
    Catalog: SP202
    Genre: Tech House
    Artists: DJ Vibe

    Chus & Ceballos’ taste-making Stereo Productions label is back with another essential new EP, this time from the legendary Portuguese artist DJ Vibe, who serves up two top tracks.

    This iconic DJ and producer has been active since the 80s and has been involved in the launch of some of the most important clubs in his country, has held residencies all over Portugal and has even been in an indie band as well as making DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs on a number of occasions. As such, he is one of the most important talents in the Portuguese dance scene and now offers two more dynamite tracks. 

    His first cut here is Bang Da Clock, six rock solid minutes of rumbling house music with intense vocals layered into the groove. The percussion is raw and squelchy and there is a real sense of old school energy in the way the track drops, with big bass and tough synths.