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Muzzaik, Behrouz, Marcos Cruz


Release Date: 21.05.2008
Catalog: SP048

Miami-based producer and long time dance music veteran, Behrouz Nazari makes his debut with Stereo Productions with this incredible release: Beatbox.

Behrouz is difficult to label as he is like the music he creates and spins. His sound is impossible to categorize. On his own words: ’if I were to give it my best shot, I would describe it as a myriad of different subgenres of music I have experimented with during my past 20 years of DJ’ing. It’s composed of sexy and hypnotizing music from the past, present and future, incorporating the finer elements of deep house all the way to techno. Beatbox is a clear example of the versatility of this producer. It combines a great minimal techno groove and percussion elements with a progressive house structure, long hypnotic fxs, a slightly tribal touch and a ‘Tennagliaed’ voice loop. Straightforward beat, no concessions to the dance floor, pure energy!

On the remixing side we have two great upcoming names that are slowly but steady building very promising careers: Spanish Marcos Cruz and Hungarians Muzzaik. Marcos Cruz, born in Seville (Spain), has managed to combine the best underground sounds with electronic and minimal house in his remix. A track full of energy, heavy electronic rhythms, progressive sounds and an absolute elegant treatment of the vocals. The second remix is pure Muzzaik sound. Techy rhythms over dark and deep atmospheres. A great acid house touch with an organ bass and some analogical filtered synths. It also has a fantastic deep minimal house influence that gives the whole track a cool contemporary feel.