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    Victor Vera

    Silhouette EP

    Release Date: 13.02.2014
    Catalog: SP116
    Artists: Victor Vera

    Victor Vera is part of the new generation of young talent with a huge projection, starting his footsteps with his own label Reptillian Music and releasing with Intec Digital. Stereo Productions is always giving support to this talent and that’s why we present Silhouette EP
    ‘Generation’ is a banger. Crafted with soul and message, shaker groove with delicious lyrics, a Tool Vox of this track is also included for those creative DJs. ‘Silhouette’ is a shady track, deep techno with haunting touches. ‘Interference’ shows a powerful and very consistent groove with some atmospheric hues. The bonus track is ‘Apollo’ recently released at the BPM which reap an overwhelming success.