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    With enormous success from the first ever Iberican Republica, Stereo Productions follows up with another exceptional release, Iberican Republica 2! Filled with 11 marvelous tracks from the freshest artists in the underground scene, we clearly see Stereo Productions endless’ capacity for great talent and great music! Chus has chosen some of his close friends and artists to make this a very special addition to any dj’s collection! DJ Chus and Rafa Barrios created a big room monster, Malestick. A fresh and clean track with drums that guide you on this bouncy ride, while a “rumble in the jungle” kind of bassline keeps you yearning for more! Sergio Fernandez brings in Zen Garden. A darker and techy track that creeps up on you and has you taken in a trance of drums and whispers that lure you into the party. Oscar L delivers a solid banger of a track called Hero. A chunky and dirty groove, with murky synths giving a fresh taste of new age Techno.There are also several other great tracks from Sebastian Manuel & Eddie Cuesta, UnoMas(MIA) Marcos Cruz, Mark Ferrer, Danniel Selfmade, Marciano(Italy), Lucio Spain, Daniele Kama, Marc Gaindo and DJ Deka. Stereo Productions are going back to their roots and are supporting and building an Iberican Nation!