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Alex Costa

Turin Techno EP

Release Date: 24.04.2013
Catalog: SP106

Stereo Productions hits hard once again with another exceptional release! This EP showcases Italian monster producer Alex Costa’s great talent. This new techno hero coming from the busy city of Turin, Italy is no stranger to the world of music production. With over hundreds of great tracks under his belt, Alex Costa is defiantly a driving force in the scene.

This new release titled the Turin Techno Ep comes with 4 meritorious tracks! Railroad which was part of the Miami Vibes release from Stereo is also available here.This techy and groovy monster will light up dancefloors everywhere. A nice gallop with a constant drive and rolling bassline make this track a sure hit!. There is also a remix by Chube.ka that brings it into a darker and heavier experience. Huge buildups and propulsive energy with percs that don’t let you go. My Little Train is really a techno train that will be sure to drive right through the speakers! A big room track with a dynamic groove and chugging feel. Solid techno with a deep hypnotic vibe! ChupaRosa is drum filled, mind bending track. Trippy tones coupled with a commanding drive and dark, cryptic vocals set the vibe for this adventure!