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With over a decade in releasing the very best in electronic music, Stereo Productions has achieved yet another major milestone! Presenting their 100th release titled “Iberican Republica” they have created a monster LP with over 25 stellar tracks featuring the hottest and freshest new talent. This LP features friends and new comers that are blowing up dance floors all over the world and once again demonstrates Stereo Productions’ intrinsic ability to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in the electronic music industry.

Among the list of new blood is: Jonny Marciano, Diavlo, Pirupa, Hollen, Sabb, Bekim, Oscar L, Zenbi, Dj Fronter, Drumworks, Danniel Selfmade, Stephane K, DJ Koutarou.A, Irregular Synth, DJ Simi, and UnoMas(Mia). These DJ/producers have come together for this extra special 100th anniversary project to provide you with their premier sounds. Also some of the power house boys are on board including Oscar de Rivera, Ismael Rivas, Sergio Fernandez and David Herrero providing some potent productions to help propel this release to the top of the charts. Chus and Stereo Productions are always looking for outstanding artists. One of their mandates is the development and promotion of new talent, while simultaneously spearing the Iberican sound all over the globe. They are constantly evolving with the times and stop at nothing to provide you with the best of the best. They have also been working on an exciting new project called “Stereo!OnTour” that will be coming very soon to a club near you. More details to come, stay tuned!
Happy 100th Stereo Productions…Here’s to 100 more!