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Release Date: 07.12.2011
Catalog: SC042
Genre: House

The last Stereo Cool relase for this year is an awesome production between two heavyweight of the german electronic music scene, Internationally renowned DJs & producers.

In the left corner Mr. Phil Fuldner. Whether he’s producing or playing, Phil Fuldner will always take you on a fantastic journey through virtually the entire spectrum of irrepressible electronic music. Anyone joining him on this adventure will be rewarded with the finest efforts of the ‘Fuldner creative laboratory’, a near exhaustive glimpse into music of the past, present and future. This Good looking DJ, has the full range of modern electronic sounds at his fingertips and reaches further into funk and rare groove. Prepare to expect the unexpected and you are on the right track. Every Phil Fuldner production or set is something different and unique, searching and outstanding.

In the right corner Mr.Ian Pooley. What shines through is his ability to keep his cool. “I’m not interested in braggin’ about producing four tracks in two days” he explains. „Of course it’s technically possible but not satisfying for me.“ As passionate producer and musician, he prefers to take his time for skilful arrangements. Much time, in truth. „I love to create complex sounds and songs“ he elaborates. “And I’ve found out that a great track takes its time.” But as much requested international top dj, he also finds himself at the centre of a hectic club scene, pushed between the clubs of Milano, Kiev and Miami. Still he knows how to adapt and profits from the changing scenes, as open-mindedness is key to his musical approach. Extensive studio work and rapid dj trips are the opposing forces of his life.

Zoana has two versions, Fuldner’s & Pooley’s, each one made with his own style, but according to their high level technique and incredible music soul.

As a referee for this contest, a remix of Zoana from a man that we can consider a ‘MVP’ Most Valuable Producer. David Herrero, an awesome and excellent dj, producer and man. He has been taken to the top of the electronic music worldwide and placed in the epicenter, his productions are the favorites not only for the TOPS of different styles and genres but also for the rest DJs. It is considered by Beatport as the emergent artist inside the House panorama and David Herrero’s productions are one nowadays ‘ in the ears of all ‘ and played everywhere.

Jump into the ring and receive some stuning punches of truly house music and move your body with the groove of Zoana.