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Alessio Caforio

Turin Texas EP

Release Date: 09.09.2009
Catalog: SC035
Genre: House

Stereo Cool presents a new project for this hot summer! Directly from Italy, Turin Texas EP is composed of three different textures with an amazing quality and stuning sound made by Alessio Caforio. A young promise born in Naples, bass guitar player, sound engineer and dj that wants to grown up in the electronic music scene. Although his discography is not too long his projection seems to be extended due to his great quality production, refined sound manipulation, exellent elements mer- ging and without counting his wide view about the different styles inside the electronic music, undoubtedly a value to bear in mind! Whos My is an authentic house track, blurred, happy, rhythmically, with a twisted groove and funky sound, will anyone fall in love! Texas Terras is a production in the current line of production merging electronic sounds with traditional elements and dances. It will made you move and dance! Carretero is a track with pure Mediterranean sound and essence, exciting but simultaneously calm, charming flute along the track to bathe us of good vibes. An essential pack for House & Music lovers!