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Release Date: 12.08.2009
Catalog: SC034

Definitively, a powerfully and completely twisted tribal house release with a sweeping energy and charming captivation. Uganda is a pure house tune with the stereo essence, a powerful groove , contagious rhythm and tribal sound wit our always quality guarantee. The wide variety of remixes of Uganda made it a versatile release, having different sides: progressi- ve, techky, house even deep, ends a beutyful and great work from one of the most upgrading artist in this year. DJ Wady is regarded as one of the first pioneers in the Colombian dance scene. He was born into a family full of musicians, from where he acquired his Latin flavor which he incorporates in many of his productions today. making a soundtrack of spaced-out urban-Tribal-Prog-Electro house goodness! Big Room tracks an energising music flows in his vains. Hi has a long list of labels wich includes original productions and remixes from Dj Wady and also all the tops dj has played some of his tracks, especially ‘hulk’ wich was one of the most sensational tracks during the miami music conference this year, Miami is the city where Wady lives now and he plays almost of the time electrifying the crowds with his energetic performances. Childish chants from the heart of africa, pure energy twisted tribal house!