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To The Rhythm 2012

Release Date: 25.04.2012
Catalog: SP093
Genre: Tech House

Brooklyn born and raised DJ/producer Angel Moraes has released an arsenal of legendary tracks in his career. From Welcome to the Factory, Magic Carpet Ride, Music is Your Life and many more Angel is known for his cutting edge sound in the studio and in the dj booth. As dj, producer, remixer and able to build his own sound systems, he is truly unique. Angel has always been a pioneer in the industry and he continunes to stay ahead of his time.

In 1996, he released a huge track called To the Rhythm. With its superb synths, unforgettable bassline and that haunting vocal from Grace Jones that gets under your skin, he created a track that will stay within our favorites for a long time to come! This dark and seductive house track gets a rebirth for 2012: Stereo Productions pays tribute to this pioneer through 7 brand new hot remixes of To The Rhythm 2012 by powerhouse producers including Chus, Santos Italy, Oscar De Riviera & Ismael Rivas, Matthew Codek and D-Formation. And of course, there is Angel’s 2012 remastered mix to top the package!

To The Rhythm is a brilliant release that pays hommage to the legend – Angel Moraes. A definite must have for all house music lovers!