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New York Underground

Release Date: 25.01.2012
Catalog: SP090

The city that never sleeps is without a doubt one of the largest, if not best electronic music spot worldwide. Here is where this sound reached its full maturity and maximum level, where the best clubs were build, best parties started, the legendary deejays emerged for the masses the best labels were born and took their first steps and the clubbing culture began as we know it today, then all of were spread across the planet.

For all of this facts, Stereo Productions starts the year with an awesome concept, claiming for all these special ways to create and live the electronic music and of course the way to play it and enjoy it. With a purely underground flavor, tech and techno sounds, dark atmosphere, a vibrant bass and strong groove, representing the current sound of the Big Apple.

The big producers and current famous residents djs, such us Richie Santana, Peter Bailey, Boris, Louie Corrales… and one of the 90′ legends, Stephane K with the Japanese talent DJ Koutarou.A among others… made up the New York Underground, a strong and solid package, unrated trax, ready to give you all the best and future sound of New York.