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The Machine EP

Release Date: 01.06.2011
Catalog: SP079
Genre: House

Pete Gooding is a club DJ, music producer and radio presenter, but way beyond any name or title he’s a music fan. In fact, Pete is a Music Man. Thanks to his broad musical taste, deep musical knowledge and boundless energy and enthusiasm, he’s one of the lucky few who have managed to turn ‘what I love’ into ‘what I do’. Pete does music full time, full on, all the time.

James Doman is Canada’s next hottest export and the country’s biggest house DJ. As a DJ and producer his star is firmly in the ascendant, and his latest bombs, is set to make him a mainstay of the UK dance scene.

Since 2006 Pete Gooding and James Doman has joined forces in their project ‘The Machine’ and Stereo Productions is proud to release their first EP here, Rising House & tech house producers ‘The Machine’ delivers a solid groove on the tracks, which blends the soul of North America with the sound of the Europe, and of course is perfect fitted in Stereo’s Style, rounding out a very solid package.

The Machine EP, is a collection of six tracks, 4 diverse original, Shake, Raw, Oosa & La Jongla and 2 remixes, from the classic Chicago House track ‘Night Moves’ and the collaboration with DJ Chus ‘Get Together’ that was tagged as an essential tune in MMW 2011 by Beatport, and now they delivers their own mix.

Take a quick look at his current list of globally happening projects and it’s not hard to see why 2011 is going to be The Machine year.