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Oscar De Rivera, Ismael Rivas (aka Riva)

Madrid Underground EP

Release Date: 12.01.2011
Catalog: SP074
Genre: Tech House

Undeniably, The Madrid’s Underground sound is driven by the duo formed between the greats Oscar de Rivera and Ismael Rivas. Each one has an incredible and brilliant career, and as it has become a common situation recently they join together not only in most emblematic party in the Spanish Capital, every Sunday evening at People, also in the studio they have a synergy and a capacity that makes them create such us big stuff as that we’ll show you in this stunning EP.

100% effective at the clubs. De Rivera & Rivas are experts at blending tribal percussion, techno hi-hats and infectious bass lines – a combo that always results in jam-packed dance floors. Their Madrid Underground EP is another fine example of their impeccable ear and shining talent in the production realm. This is essential stuff for all purveyors of Tech House music and all Clubber by the way.