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Take Me To Space

Release Date: 06.10.2010
Catalog: SP070

Take Me To Space Winner Declared! Original Track Contest Back over the summer, the Space crew and Stereo Productions, label home of DJ Chus, issued a challenge to all talented DJs and producers… “make a track in honor of the ten years of Space and the ten years in Stereo.” The winner would receive a grand prize of $5000 and the track would be exclusive released at along with 2 runner ups.

The contest received a massive response and enthusiastic participation from all over the world, It was a long and grueling process, but finally a winner has been declared. The winning track will have it’s debut coincidentally enough with the debut of the all-newly remodeled Club Space on Saturday, October 9th.

And the winner is… John Shelvin!

The Spanish young producer made the track that will be the Space Miami Anthem.

Second place is also for the Spanish producer David Herrero and the third place is for the production between the americans Dinaire, Bissen & Finley Ft. David Berkeley with the Anthony Ross remix.

Space Miami & Stereo are very proud to make this special contest in their 10 years anniversaries and once again we want to thank & congratulate all the participants and we truly hope that you’ll enjoy the result!.