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Back 2 NY + Still Beatin' InStereo Remixes

Release Date: 12.05.2010
Catalog: SP066

Dj Chus alongside his partner and friend Rob Mirage released the TwentyTen EP in the early days of this year in ‘Defected’.Back 2 NY, a beat frenzied power play that typically follows Chus renowned tribal badness is coupled with Still Beatin doing the business with percussive precision. After the successful original release, we release inStereo remixes ensuring the best names in the remix roster. ‘Back 2 NY’ has two remixes from the new and renowned dutch talents: Ramon Tapia, this young producer that grew up surrounded by the vinyls of a record shop made himself a music enthusiasm that impress not only this musical sense also the most quality and taste production, absolutely incredible, and Robbie Taylor, this time producing with Benny Royal, one of our regular producers that delivers a high talented production, strong and effective, quality always guarantee. Still Beating remixes has latin blood, Space terrace resident DJ, Pa- trick M delivers a groovy track with his particular production style that make your body move. Spanish producer Marcos Cruz gives always do a strong & effective track enclosing his spiritual touch in this production and ends a superb release!. DJ Chus & Rob Mirage can’t bpackage.