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Chus & Ceballos Present Stereo Productions Podcast :: WEEK09 2017 Guest Mix – Supernova Live From Stereo @ BPM Festival 2017

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Tags: fex, miky falcone, Roger Sanchez, Supernova

Hola Hola Amigos!
Welcome to the official Stereo Production Podcast!

This week we are bringing you a new guest mix Supernova Live From Stereo @ BPM Festival 2017


  1. Supernova – The Roots (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music]
  2. Supernova – Nightclub Bollywood (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]
  3. Supernova – Hardbeat (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music]
  4. Supernova – Shut Your Mouth (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]
  5. Roger Sanchez & Mike Vale – Do It Well (Supernova Remix) [Stealth promo]
  6. Fex (IT) – Ground (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music]
  7. Tucci – Jack To The (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music]
  8. Sante Sansone -Take Off (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music]
  9. Supernova – Open Monday (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music]
  10. Supernova – Get Hot (Original Mix) [Elrow Music]
  11. 2 Sides Of Soul – No Fight (Original Mix) [Lapsus]
  12. Francesco Di Noia – Move (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music ]
  13. Miky Falcone, Fabio Morello, Big Ma.Mi – How Met Your Mother [Lapsus Music]
  14. Supernova – The Wild Weekend (Original Mix) [8Bit Records]
  15. Supernova – Detuned (Original Mix) [8Bit Records]

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