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    Chus & Ceballos Present Stereo Productions Podcast :: WEEK30 2016 Guest Mix – Boris (US)

    Categories: Radioshow
    Tags: Adrian Hour, Boris, DJ Fronter, New York, Peter Bailey, roberto capuano

    Hola Hola Amigos!
    Welcome to the official Stereo Production Podcast!

    This week we are bringing you a new guest mix, Boris from New York. Enjoy!


    1- DJ Fronter, West Minds “ Aissss”
    2- Boris “ Spiral”
    3- Peter Bailey Demo track
    4- Roberto Capuano “ Maison”
    5- Alberto Ruiz “ Five” D-Unity remix
    6- Peter Bailey “ Realty”
    7- Adrain Hour “ Avalon”
    8 -Veerus & Maxie Devine “ Split”
    9 Boris “ Odyssey”
    10 -Enrico Sangiulano “ Hook At the Border”
    11- Christian Smith “ Blast Off”  

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