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  • You have a pretty busy summer coming up: Ibiza, Brussels, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Miami, L.A… What places are you most excited about and why?

Oh yes, it’s again a busy Summer for me! I mostly enjoy the places where I feel that the people understand my music and my rhythm – wherever it is in the world! If the people transmit something to me I’m able to give it back with my music twice as much…

  • You have been DJing for more than 19 years now. How do you feel your music has evolved over the years? What elements do you still work with and what has been your latest discovery in the cration of music?

Yes, it’s been a long time. I started really young… Thank god I did it… Otherwise I maybe would sit at home like some of my old friends in front of their PlayStation smoking joints all day :-) I started with House Music especially from the US… Heroes like MAW, Ron Trent or Carl Craig…

Over the past years my music got my own rhythm and was heavily influenced from my travels to Southamerica… Nowadays I call my style “Powerhouse”, a mix between Techno & House with an eye for the dancefloor.
My latest intent is to include much more surprising elements to wake up the people on the dancefloor ;-) .
  • Your second album “Energetic” has just turned one year old. How has your public’s reception been like? Are you planning on producing a new one any time soon?

I did 2 albums and I think it’s enough for now! Maybe a third one when I’m going to stop doing music to say “Goodbye”! I will concentrate more on producing EP’s and remixes in the near future!

The feedback on my last album “Energetic” was really good but felt a little different compared to my first album… In 2009 the people were not so tired about listening to new music that time… There is too much music everywhere…..All the new stuff made it possible for everybody to create a beat nowadays! That’s good and bad at the same time.
  • And a month ago the compilation of remixes from “Energetic” were released by the hand of Freude am Tanzen. How have these remixes contributed to your album?

All remixers I asked count to my favorites since a very long time and I was just curious how they will interprete my music and what kind of own glow they’re going to give them. I’m so proud of every single remix!

  • If we peeked inside your music placer, what would we find apart from Electronic music?

On the one side I have a huge heart for Disco and Philly Sound from the 70ies. I have a Disco alias called “Mathy k & The Funky Punch” with whom I released on “Freude am Tanzen” & the Sister Label from Diynamic “2DIY4″ already.

And another Alias is called “Mathimidori”, my Japanese influenced project. I always loved to work with artists from Japan – both singers and producers. I did an EP on Raum…Musik and on Mule Musiq some time ago. A new one “Ongaku EP” is coming in the end of August on Mule Musiq!
Beside my own projects I’m in love with Depeche Mode for sure and you can never do anyhting wrong with a good selection of Jazz. Humm… and also some more modern projects like Gregory Porter I enjoy, too!!
  • In relation with your set for Stereo, where and how was it recorded? We want to be ready, any advice before pressing play?

I recorded the set at my studio. In some way it was fun to do a set for myself alone :-) I tried to make it very unique and for sure I’m happy you guys asked me to be a part of Stereo!

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