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INTERVIEW WITH: Joan Martorell | Bratvolk.

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Joan is the director of the ABISINIA and ALL I WANT videos. He works closely with big artists as important as Richie Hawtin or Carl Cox. We wanted to know how he conceived the latest Chus & Ceballos´ music video.


1.- What did you want to transmit with the ALL I WANT video? Why did you decide to use the butterflies? 

My idea was to bring together the beauty of the human being with the beauty of the butterflies. As I wanted to mix different genres and ages, I found that butterflies were a perfect bond of union between all models.

Seeing the simplicity of the lyrics and beauty of the song, I wanted to make a video where nothing distract us from the song and its meaning, even if the models suddenly start singing the song.

I also wanted to play with look of the models, I think it´s a very powerful resource, and that enhances the message. Neutral and flat static backgrounds, with a ’fashion’ or ’advertising’ style in a video where music is the most important thing.


2.- How and where was the video recorded? 

We use 27 Monarch Butterfly. It´s the only butterflies that have no predators, so they are not scared. They like to be in a warm environment, so we shot in a very cold room and they were seeking the warmth of the actors skin. If we stopped the air and the room began to heat up…then they became more active and began to fly. 

They grew up in Ibiza, and once we finished the shooting, they were liberated in Santa Eulalia. The video was made 100%  in Ibiza. All models live on the island as well. 


3.- Let us know more about Bratvolk, your company. You have worked with big names of the music industry, right? 

Yes, it´s a pleasure for us that important artists as Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Uner, Paco Osuna; or important brands as Pioneer, ENTER, Fuse London or Groovety trust us.


That´s the result of the Joan and his team work, a beautiful video that talks about the beauty of the nature.

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