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    Q&A Stereo Podcast: DJ DEP

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    1.- Where and how was the mix recorded?

    The Mix Was Recorded In My Studio! 2 CDJ + Mixer + Traktor

    2.- Talk us through the track selection of the mix. What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix? 

    My Genre is Purely Tech-House, But Also Approaches a Bit To Techno! I Like To Push When I Perform. People Should Never Stop, And The Sound That I Propose Permits. I See This Is Fun For Me Personally

    3.- In what setting should we be in to appreciate the mix most?

    Obviously a Tech-House / Techno Hear In a Club With a Very High Sound System Is Appreciated More! I Just Have To Say, People Turn Up The Volume And ENJOY

    Listen to the podcast here

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