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Q&A Stereo Podcast: Leonardo Gonnelli

Categories: Interviews
Tags: Abisinia, Leonardo Gonnelli

1.- Where and how was the mix recorded?

I recorded it in my Italian studio.. I always use my laptop connected with an Audio10 sound card to record through Traktor, Vinyls and X1 for the effects. It’s a pretty good glimpse of what I play out ..

2.- Talk us through the track selection of the mix. What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

When I start to make a mix usually I begin from my productions, I always like to play something of fresh new .. The first track of the mix, “Time To Wake Up”, is the kind of track in this moment that I love most for begin my sets, till the end where “Abisinia” (along with my guys Chus & Ceballos) creates the right mood for the end of the party. I’m very eclectic, I love make a trip into different genres during a set, but the sound that right now represents more myself is between deep-dark and tech-house or techno as well.

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