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    Chus & Ceballos Present Stereo Productions Podcast :: [WEEK52] 2014 :: DJ Chus Xmas Mixtape – From the Deep

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    Tags: dale howard, Fideles, gianluca caldarelli, joeski, maya janes coles, santos, simply red, vernon

    Hola Hola Amigos!
    Welcome to the official Stereo Production Podcast!

    This week we are bringing you a special mixtape by DJ Chus, Xmas, From The Deep. Enjoy.

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    1. Simply Red – Sunrise (Italoboyz Mix)
    2. Maya Jane Coles – What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Mix)
    3. Gianluca Caldarelli – Do You Know What I Mean (Original Mix)
    4. Vernon, Dacosta – High Wire (Original Mix)
    5. Fideles – Little Helper 143-8 (Original Mix)
    6. Rulers Of The Deep – Track Four (Original Mix)
    7. Dale Howard – Call Me (Original Mix)
    8. Eagles & Butterflies – Birds Of Paradise (Kydus Mix)
    9. Santos – This LA (Butch Mix)
    10. Joeski – It’s All The Same (Joeski Mix)
    11. Mario Aureo, DJ Le Roi – Bring it Here (DJ Le Roi Mix)
    12. Adriatique – Rollot (Original Mix)
    13. Frankie Knuckles – Tears

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