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Stereo Productions Podcast by Chus & Ceballos :: [WEEK12] 2014 MIAMI SPECIAL MIXTAPES – Rafa Barrios (ES)

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Hola Hola Amigos!
Welcome to the official Stereo Production Podcast, we are Chus & Ceballos, and this is your weekly date with us!
This week we continue the Miami Winter Music Conference Special remember that we have 3 different events this year:
The Stereo Showcase at club Space on saturday march 22th.
The Special Sunset Boat party on thursday 27th,
and the Toolroom in Stereo Pool party at the Raleigh Hotel On friday 28th.

Before we pass you with our special guest Rafa Barrios, let´s get started with one of our first collaboration with him on Stereo, Malestack.
Let´s follow with Rafa Barrios mixtape, a little appetizer of whats is coming in Miami…fuego!!!

Enjoy the set, you are connected to Stereo Productions Podcast with Chus & Ceballos.
Enjoy Guys.

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[WEEK12] 2014 MIAMI SPECIAL MIXTAPES – Rafa Barrios (ES)

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Hot Tune (Opening Track):
Chus & Ceballos, Rafa Barrios – Malestack (Original Mix=

Tracklist Mixtape by Rafa Barrios:

01. Junior Gee – Psycho (Original Mix)
02. Sable Sheep – Fool’s Patron (Original Mix) -Defected
03. Just Be – The Funky Rhythm (Original Mix)
04. Santos – Canible (Rafa Barrios Remix)
05. Anil Chawla – Pig In A Blanket (Original Mix) -Alleanza
06. Junior Gee – This Society (Original Mix)
07. Chus & Ceballos, Tempory Hero – I Want 2 Fall In Luv With A Human (Rafa Barrios Remix) -Stereo
08. Rafa Barrios – Bubbles (Original Mix)
09. Andrea Winter – Congrats (Original Mix)

Track of the Week (Closing Track):
Cristian Varela – Non stop Up (Original Mix)

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