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David Penn – June 2013 Releases

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Shapeshifters – She Freaks (David Penn Remix)
Label: Nocturnal Groove


Phunk Investigation & Hitchcock – Vroom (David Penn Remix)
Release date: May 20th, 2013
Label: Phunk Traxx

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Phunk Investigation & Hitchcock get to the roots of tribal! ‘VROOM’ is a mind blowing track served with lot of funky elements and euphoryc groovy baselines. Including distinctive & colourful remix by the Spanish House master David Penn.


Adeva – In & Out Of My Life (David Penn Remix)
Release date: April 29th, 2013
Label: Urbana Recordings

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This record in its original form was one of the biggest club anthems of its day. From its first outing in the late 80′s ‘In & Out Of My Life’ has left an indelible legacy on the global electronic scene. It has been more than 20 years and remains a benchmark for all good music lovers.

In this very special year for us because we are in our tenth anniversary and we are pleased to present two new remixes by the big heads of the label. David Penn and Rober Gaez have done it again, this time separately with two very different cuts, but always keeping the essence of the original.


Candi Staton – Hallelujah Anyway (David Penn Going Deeper Mix)
Label: Defected

Following the rip roaring success and widespread critical acclaim of Larse’s poignantly melancholic remix of this timeless classic, Defected return with a second remix package that also features a re-mastered version of Candi Staton’s original cut. With its classic disco beat and instruments, and her soulfully sublime praise vocals that have so easily stood the test of time, you would be forgiven for assuming this Gospco track was a re-release of a 70’s disco classic. Indeed, stylistically speaking, there isn’t much to differentiate it from much of her early output. Yet ‘Hallelujah Anyway’, which was penned as a stage encore to ‘You Got The Love’, was only recorded back in 2002 and its lyrical content is as equally poignant as her late 80’s anthem. With its overwhelmingly positive message of the importance of having hope in the face of all adversity, Stanton showcases her talent for capturing a feeling that resonates across generations, reaffirming her status as the unprecedented soul diva of dance.

Remixes this time round come from David Penn and Ashley Beedle, two legendary talents, both of whom retain the essence of the original while placing their own unique stamp on proceedings. Ashley Beedle’s mixes feature early 90’s-esque melodic synths, which drive through the building instruments and chopped up vocals with an upbeat energy, make it an ideal party piece, complimenting Staton’s gospel vibes perfectly. Meanwhile David Penn’s offering is equally energised, but with a gradual ascension of alternating keys chords which build subtly with Candi’s vocals and then drop suddenly into a surprisingly low end refrain; it’s a much naughtier twist on the original.



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