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Q&A: Alberto Velarde, Vicious Media

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1. Hi Alberto! It’s a pleasure to have you here; even more so as apart from being an excellent professional and model in our sector, you are also Stereo’s good friend. We would like you to tell us your opinion about our brand. What would you say stands out about Stereo, in comparison with other brands of the same rank?
As Chus says, Hola Hola! The truth is that it’s my pleasure to be here with you and be able to answer all of your questions.  I could describe Stereo in many ways, but I think words are superfluous, Stereo is well known and he has shown and abundantly demonstrated his actual position and recognition.
Stereo is a referent in our country and it is a consolidated record label. We could say that it is one of the countries label ambassadors, wherever it goes.
Even more importantly, I can tell you that it has its own unique identity, from its sound to its image.


2. We’re talking about Chus + Ceballos. They were in Spain, not long ago after 5 years of tour in America with their popular event Stereo!OnTour, also supported by Vicious… What do you think the talents that make them unique artists are?
It’s a strong duo that is stronger than the passing of time. A duo that knows how to change and adapt to today’s requirements. Something few others are capable of. I have been lucky enough to be able to see for myself, how they engage and captivate their public, in and out of Spain. I remember how crazy the public were for their music in WMC a couple of years ago after the first mix. It was incredible. Chus+Ceballos have a special touch that simply grips you. It’s good to know right? That’s what makes you become a FAN!
Something I’d love to see them do is a live, I’m sure it’d be impressive.


3. For the past two or three years, there’s been a lot of talk about the current situation in comparison to the rest of the world, in terms of Electronic music. Although in other areas, the same is happening, do you think that there is a notable change that we are starting to experiment in the Spanish Music Industry? Is there change?
I think that our country is undergoing a really positive change, logically all changes have pros and cons. Not everybody accepts these changes and I personally think that this is a huge error, it’s important that all artists are prepared to adapt to change, because they can easily be left behind if they don’t.
Going back to the positive change that I see, without going into the fact that we are currently exporting better and better productions, our national artists are requested from all over the world. From countries that are more electronic music inclined and others more clubbers, brands that are beginning to see electronic music as a positive way of conveying their messages, increase in festivals, that there’s also more and more clubs in the word, another positive thing is currently going on, are the new generations. Future 17 year old stars that know how to produce and manage all types of equipment, know social media from A to Z. They’re studying a degree, they have wide knowledge (not only about music) and overall they see electronic music as a profession and a passion. There’s a lot going on, and it’s really great.


4. We couldn’t interview you without talking about Vicious!  Already two years of Vicious Magazine and starting on the third… What can you say about a magazine, which since its beginnings has been top of mind of everybody due to its great growth? What does Vicious have that gets everybody addicted?
The truth is that we’re really happy about how the magazine has grown and moreover the acceptation and greeting that everybody has given us, professionals and everyday readers and listeners. As you’ve said, this is our third year and we have loads of ideas to implement that our becoming reality, as Vicious Live, that has only just started and is receiving big acceptation. There are also other new features that I can’t tell you about right now, because we don’t like to spoil surprises haha, even though I can give you a clue about the new plans for 2013, really easy, Chile and Brasil.


5. Vicious Live is the new item that you are incorporating and that having only just been launched, has already struck our curiosity. Cristian Varela’s first session, Marcos In Dub coming up… What is Vicious Live’s objective? Are there any artists you can give us a heads up about?
Yes and as I was saying before, it’s receiving big acceptation. As you said, Cristian Varela, Marcos In Dub, Uner and Manu Vulcano have already been featured. I can’t give you any more names because it’s a surprise but I can already confirm that big national artists are going to be in the cabin. I can also tell you that Chus + Ceballos will go through Vicious Live hehe.
What has been really surprising is that in Vicious Live’s short life, foreign artists are already asking us to be part of this year’s programme. We’re really happy about how everything is going and how much fun we’re having with the great music in the editorial department.


6. Another Project on the line under Vicious Media is under, this magazine was born the last 22nd of March, after several months of campaigning, we knew the ins and outs of Under Magazine. Tell us about it, tell our visitors why Under should be a must, in their magazine stack.
Under is Vicious Magazines Little brother, it has very precise musical taste and a very underground character. Vicious Magazine is the horizontal format of electronic music (of all genres) and Under is its vertical version (going in to depth about the underground genre). I invite you to get to know it hand to hand, and discover the differences.
By the way, Vicious Media has planned to launch other editions that you’re going to love… and that’s it… :)

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