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Rafa Barrios March’13 Releases

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Tags: david pher, drugs & bombs, earthman, KD Music, March 2013, Monique Speciale, motherfucker, Rafa Barrios, Remix, Spend

Rafa Barrios ‘Motherfucker EP’ [Monique Speciale]
Release date: 11.03.2013


  1. Rafa Barrios – Motherfucker
  2. Rafa Barrios – Shantiques

Get ‘Motherfucker EP’ on Beatport:



Rafa Barrios ‘Earthman EP’ [KD Music]
Release date: 18.03.2013

On KD Music he makes his debut with a massive 3 track EP! EARTHMAN is a bad ass groover which we loved from the first second! SPEND is another massive tech-house boneshaker which works perfectly on the dancefloor! DRUGS & BOMBS is a great techno track, full of hypnoticing vocal snippets and phat beats! Check also amazing DAVID PHER remix!


  1. Rafa Barrios – Earthman
  2. Rafa Barrios – Spend
  3. Rafa Barrios – Drugs & Bombs
  4. Rafa Barrios – Spend (David Pher Remix)

Get ‘Earthman EP’ on Beatport:

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