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Q&A: Rafa Barrios

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1. Your career is now full swing and your works are released on labels such as Blackflag, Suara, KD Music and Sphera. Which one you think is the added value in your music? How would you define your music to someone who doesn’t know about you to get interested in your career?
I think that my music goes beyond a simple track, I work on my tracks as if I were dancing on the dancefloor, thinking what can make many people dance, it’s what empowers me to keep working daily on a dream to reach, and every time I think more that working hard, is how you can get your deserved rewards.


2. Tell us how you heard talking about Stereo? How did you discover it?
I were told about Stereo many years ago, when I get into the Dance scene, it was like a goal to reach. I discovered Stereo through Chus+Ceballos and co., as I played their music and I always loved their music style on the dancefloors. That way, was how I wanted to be part of the label, I never thought about entering in this family, who I always admired since I met them.


3. What do you like the most about Stereo? What has Stereo contributed to your career?
What I like the most from Stereo, is the way of working, the seriousness, the essence of its music, and to know that is a ‘house’ with long history and I always heard good things about it; for all these reasons, I think that is difficult to choose what I like the most, more or less, actually and in general, I love everything about this family to which I am very proud to belong.

I just arrived here two months ago and everyday I see that they bring lots of positive things to my career; they help me choosing the best options and to know how to move on the right direction and moreover, it’s a great support for me, it’s a pleasure to take them into account whatever I do.


4. What are your projects for this 2013? Is there any work on the studio you get it ready or work in progress?
This 2013, there are lot of things already signed, apart from this recent track that I released with Kaiserdisco’s label KD Music. Next march 18th I will release another work but this time it’s a solo EP with 3 original tracks, I also have another EP to be released in Stereo called ‘Guadalquivir EP’, includes 5 tracks; a remix that I’ve made for Chus & Boris and featuring Roland Clark that will be released on Toolroom Records; another remix on Urbana Recordings to the classic ‘Esperanza’; an EP for Monique Musique, and many other references also on labels as important as Materialism from Mihalis Safras, Sphera Records and on my label Dood Records that I’m also trying to get the time to work on it.

I’m recently working on several projects with Chus that will be released very soon apart from another remix to the big classic ‘That Feeling’ and other things that I will reveal coming soon.


5. From all your tracks and remixes, which are you more proud of and why?
For me, the track for which I am most proud is ‘Lucerito’, it was released last year and was one of my first tracks; it was played by many big artists such as Chus+Ceballos, Reboot and some others, and because it was the track that helped me to get into Stereo.


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