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Q&A: SUPERNOVA, Lapsus Music

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1. You are in the talk of the Electronic Music industry right now and this is thanks to your big talent, obviously and the well-done and hard work. We were noticed you are releasing ‘The World Is Crazy EP’ today on Defected, that means you are in a great moment, right? Tell us about this release.
Yes we have worked hard since years to get where we are now, and we are still working hard today to improve all the sides of our project. We still feel we can do better and better! Today is the release date of our new “The World Is Crazy” EP on Defected that is really important for us ’cause it marks the shift to a more dirty underground and old school vibe production territories that is what we are feeling more at the moment. We’re always trying to create something new and for sure this EP is a good example of what we have in mind for the future of our music. In this new Supernova 2.0 musical journey we want to show more the solid and underground side of us. Of course we will always keep our rolling grooves and to try to get people to smile while listening to our music!

At same time today is another big day for us ’cause is also the release date of our mix cd for Defected In The House Miami 2013 compilation!

Get now ‘The World Is Crazy EP’:


Get Supernova mix of ‘Defected In The House Miami 2013′:


2. Let’s keep talking about your music. You are living a wonderful and successful time and you have decided to remix classics such as the ones from Celeda, Candi Station… How do these initiatives have arrived to you?
We have had the opportunity to remix a lot of amazing House classics anthem lately. The first we did was the remix of Kerri Chandler “Bar A Thym” that had a really good success. After that Defected asked us to remix “Strings Of Life” that became one of the most sold and played Defected tracks of 2012. Since then many classics have passed under our re-touching like Chez Damier “Can You feel it”, Frankie Knuckles “The Whistle Song” (btw has been amazing being contacted by the father of house…), Jakatta “American Dreams” and then Candi Staton and Celeda “Be Your Self”. It’s always an big honor to have the opportunity to remix those classics but at the same time is a really really hard job touching something that is already “perfect” and has been a huge success.


3. Lapsus Music, your own label, is getting big results on par with your career. Can you talk about that? What do you get ready for 2013?
The label has been for us a great way to express ourself in the beginning without having the filter of any other A&R or label manager. Now we think at Lapsus like a place to give the same opportunity to young talented producers as well as well known names. We have just released the 5th volume of our Talents compilation with only new upcoming artists and we had 3 tracks hitting the N1 in the Traxsource Deep House, House and Tech House charts. We release today a track from Stereo Montreal residents Casa Nostra “Power Of Prise” including a remix of Chus and soon Eps from Deepshakerz, Irregular Synth, Marc Maya & Aitor Ronda and many others. Also we have already finished a track in collaboration with Dosem that will be released soon on Lapsus too.


4. Back to the past: In 2002, you both joined together to left your own careers and found Supernova, you’ve been rising up since then. Which one do you think is Supernova’s special thing? What could you highlight from yourselves?
Since first time we met each other we felt we had the same feeling for music and life; this is still the same after 10 years. Of course sometimes it happens that we have different ideas or points of view about a particular record or idea, but we always use these small differences to influence each other in a good way and improve the Supernova project. We work really hard day by day and we will Never Give Up!


5. You guys are two of the artists from who Stereo team is talking about all the time due to all what you do. How is your relationship with Stereo? How did you get part of this family?
We work with the Stereo family since many years now and that’s cool! We have been contacted by Chus first time with a message on My Space (yes My Space was still alive that time…) and it was a really good surprise for us. After that we have done many release and remix for the label and also many collaboration with Chus himself. He has been one of the first person to believe in us and support our music. We will be always thankful to him!


6. Both production and performances terms, which is your purpose for this year 2013? Any upcoming release you can tell us about it?
We have a lot of coming in the next months! In March we will play at Ministry Of Sound for Kinki Malinky, at Nikki Beach in Miami for the Defected In The House party then in LA for the first time at Playhouse Holliwood and in San Francisco at Project One. As soon as we will be back to Italy we will play at Tenax Nobody’s Perfect for the 3rd time this year.

In terms of productions we just finished a new EP for Noir Music that will be released March 18th as well as a collaboration alongside Dosem that will be out in April on Break New Soil. We’re also going to release a 10 Years of Supernova ‘best of’ compilation on Lapsus Music around April/May and we will open a new label project focused on really underground stuff. So stay tuned!


Releases out now:
Supernova “The World Is Crazy EP” – Defected
Defected In The House Miami 2013 CD mixed by Supernova

Upcoming releases:
Never Give Up EP – Noir Music (March 18th – vinyl & digital)
Supernova & Dosem “The Good Way” – Break New Soil –  (April 2013 vinyl & digital)
Supernova & Cevin Fisher – “title tbd” – Lapsus Music (May 2013)
Supernova “10 Years Celebration Best Of” – Lapsus Music (May 2013)

Upcoming Remixes:
Cevin Fisher “House Music” (Supernova Remix) – King Street Sounds (April 2013)
Luke Solomun “You Rest Easy” (Supernova Remix) – Defected (tbd)
Jestofunk “I’m Gonna Love You” (Supernova Remix) – Lapsus Music (tbd)

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