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Q&A: Sergio Fernandez

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1. Sergio, you have a spectrum of tracks released on several of the most important Electronic Music labels such as Great Stuff, Skint, Strictly Rhythm, Bitten… What are you working on right now at the studio?
At the moment, I’m working on a new original collaboration with Chus, a new EP for Blackflag, Stacey Pullen’s own label; another EP for Stereo Productions, and just dropped remixes for great artists and friends such as Hollen, Fabian Argomedo, Siwell or Ismael Rivas.


2. You’ve recently been included on our sister agency Talento DJ Agency. Tell us what Stereo and Talento mean to you currently.
Stereo means self-identity, thrusters of the Iberican Sound, where I include myself in. Moreover, Stereo has known how to develop its own sound, adapting itself to new times, and the most difficult thing: without losing its identity. Otherwise, I’m so proud of being in Talento, a great team of professional people is behind the scene of this agency, and with wide experience. I’m in safe hands, and the suitable hands because of the musical genre I develop.


3. What did it catch your attention about Stereo? How did you get started with Stereo and how is it nowadays?
Stereo Productions has been always considered one of the top labels both national and international sides. I worked with them since almost its foundation, releasing some tracks on it. Furthermore, I was working as an A&R on another label from the “Capital” (Madrid) and we had an important business link. Nowadays, the relationship between Stereo and me is closer and there is a mutual commitment to take this relationship as far as possible.


4. Which performance during your professional career do you remember with more illusion? You’ve been playing at festivals as important as Rock In Rio, Electrobeach Festival and Nature One apart from performing in over 25 countries…
I’ve enjoyed one and all my performances, but I have great memories and I miss the first time I was in Tokio, I felt an important cultural change, they’re so passionate and  highly educated! I love it, hope I can be back soon in Asia, one of my favorite destinations, definitely!


5. Which ones are your aims short and long term? What do you want to reach?
The aim is always improving, that my music likes more and more to the people, keep on performing at the best clubs and festivals of the world, being able to meet new places and cities, anyway, keep on enjoying my work every day as I’ve been doing all these years!

Thanks for the interview.

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