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Q&A: Kristopher Krajewski (Bond Music Group)

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Kristopher Krajewski is Bond Music Group’s owner and agent for Chus+Ceballos in the USA among other great artists that are part of this prestigious American Agency.

Bond Music Group is an independent agency for independent artists whom mission is to support cutting-edge artists through performance, touring and creating value added opportunities to connect artists with fans.

Artists such as Moby, Chus+Ceballos, Dirty Vegas, Fred Falke, David Penn, Zombie Nation, D –Formation, Rob Mirage and Patrick M are part of Bond Music Group’s roster.


1. Tell us how did you know about Stereo, what caught your eye from the brand.
Stereo has long been a brand synonymous with quality house music, I met Chus and Pablo almost 10 years ago while on tour to Ibiza and knew that these guys were not just great artists but were at the forefront of a movement. They are proud to be representing a musical sound, house music, that has longevity.

2. What could you highlight of Stereo? What does Stereo have that other brands don’t?
The brand Stereo says it all, it’s not a gimmicky brand that tries hard to be something that it’s not, it just represents the best in house music. As the house music scene evolves, so does the label but any DJ/producer can count on Stereo to deliver the highest quality tracks to get the dance floor moving.


3. Which’s Chus+Ceballos’ evolution in the USA? Are they at their best?
There is something to be said for Chus + Ceballos to still be touring and increasing their presence at this high level for over a decade, it’s extremely rare. Most producer/DJ duos usually separate after several years and try to reinvent themselves. Chus + Ceballos have been holding the flag for their unique style of house music and have been unwavering in their ability to deliver consistant mind-blowing performances.  I say that not as their agent but as a fan of what they do. Electronic music in the Americas has come in a second wave of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) dance pop music which we believe will evolve towards the deeper, musical sounds of Chus + Ceballos, so this is their time.


4. Which one do you think it’s Chus+Ceballos’ mark-up so that the USA crowd demand their Iberican Sound?
Although Chus + Ceballos are a premiere house artist, they do represent the Iberican Sound, which speaks to the growing spanish/latin fan base in the Americas.  There’s something infectious about their style of house music that I believe resonates with this emerging audience.  You’d be foolish to ignore this evolution of sound and the growing fans.


5. What does the USA think about Stereo Productions?
Stereo consistently delivers the highest quality production and marketing presence I’ve seen, there is always a new project with amazing artwork, video, marketing assets that leverage video, social media, and technology to reach a wider audience.  They make it easy for promoters and event producers to keep their marketing and promotions fresh.  I think Stereo needs to continue telling their unique story in the Americas and show how the Stereo sound is the sound of the diaspora if mixed cultures which is American experience.


6. Which performances, from your point of view, have been the most important ones of C+C?
I’m astounded at how Chus + Ceballos continue to grow after all these years, not just through their long standing residencies at top venues like Stereo Montreal, Space Miami and Pacha New York, but their increasing presence on the festival circuit playing Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra and Live Nation festivals.  We also see their continued embrace on the West Coast which we feel will continue to open up to their sound.  It’s an exciting year for Chus + Ceballos and Stereo Productions and I’m glad to be working with such a well-run and dynamic team of artists and professionals.

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