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Q&A: David Penn, Special Urbana Recordings 10th Anniversary

Urbana Recordings, David Penn's personal label is now ten years old. We found in this short interview, some keys of this long career as well as its relationship to Stereo.
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1. Hi David, your relationship with Stereo comes from some years ago, you are in fact part of the family and we were always told great things about you in every corner. How did you get started with Stereo and with Chus?
My relation with Chus started in 1993 and we had many projects together and separate. But it was in 1999 when we begun a new project and was when I started to use my artist name “David Penn” as it was an idea from Chus deleting the “i” on my surname, and our first release “Sunshine” was a new way on my career, focus on really what I wanted to produce.


2. Which moment you would highlight in all this time?
I remember the days of tracks as “Burning Paris” or our production with Halo Varga “Made In Spain” was the time when we begun to be known on USA labels, but we are always working so we had good times during many years.


3. You’ve been nominated as the Best house DJ for the umpteenth year in a row at the Vicious Music Awards. What’s your feeling in regards the house club scene at the moment?
My feeling is that the good music always works, I´ve  always opted for quality music but now are many clubs that only wants commercial music. When I started the people wanted to hear the new music from the dj but the situation globally its worse than before and sometimes its difficult to find a club where you can do a really personal work…but not impossible!


4. Your label, Urbana Recordings, births its 10th Anniversary now. An amount not so easy to reach on Music world current situation. What’s the best and the worst of this decade?
The best thing its to be here after 72 releases on Urbana in 10 years, to made a label with my likes, to get a brand that many djs know around the world. The worst of the decade was the big crisis on the music sales, the cds and vinyls were very expensive and Internet destroyed all, but in the other hand the music comes more easily to more people around the world and the artist have more places that can be invited to show his music.


5. How do you face this year, then? What are you getting ready for this very special time?
We are going to release new mixes of many tracks of the catalogue, classics  as “Esperanza“, Deux “Sun Rising Up“, Penn & Jabato “La Calle”,  and also previous releases on my main label Zen Records as Kadoc “The Night Train” , or Dj Chus & David Penn “Will I (Discover Love)” that will get new sounds for this 2013, with many djs involved. I think its gonna be a good year for Urbana. We have a great image for the 10th birthday with the design of the prestigious “Serial Cut” who is the father of the original logo. I think this year many djs will remember songs that were important in their boxes and the new generation of DJs can learn from the history of Urbana.

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