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Stereo! Radioshow – Stereo Productions Releases Mixtape 01 [Week 02]

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Tags: Adam Fierce, Alex Poxada, BPM Festival, Charlie Demir, chusceballos, D-Formation, Dan Van, Danniel Selfmade, Elias R, Hollen, Javi Colina, Mexico, Playa Del Carmen, Quoxx, Rafa Barrios, Rob Mirage, Sage Armstron, Sergio Fernandez, SP102, Stereo! Radioshow, Tini Garcia, UnoMas (Mia), Victor Escobar, Zenbi

Our first release of 2013 comes from the leading festival in Central America ‘The BPM Festival’. This year’s edition has held Stereo!OnTour first event and it’s no wonder that was an incredible event! Lovely crowd and massive party with music by our talents Chus+Ceballos, Mindcontrol (Richie Santana and Peter Bailey), Marciano and Patrick M! This week’s Stereo! Radioshow by Chus gathers best Stereo releases up this 2012 and at the beginning of this new year, including the last one SP102 ‘Stereo Goes to Playa del Carmen’! Enjoy!!


  1. Chus+Ceballlos, Marlon D – Partenza! (Original Intro Mix)
  2. Rafa Barrios – Heolap (Original Mix)
  3. Danniel Selfmade & Charlie Demir – Libre La Vida (Original Mix)
  4. Rob Mirage – Keep On Truckin (Original Mix)
  5. Alex Poxada – Lost In Heaven (Original Mix)
  6. Hollen – Funny Tribe (Original Mix)
  7. Javi Colina, Quoxx – No Matter (Elias R Remix)
  8. Dan Van & Adam Fierce – We Rise, We Fall (TacoMan & Jose M Remix)
  9. Sage Armstron, Elias R, Victor Escobar – Rasta Riddem (Original Mix)
  10. D-Formation, Tini Garcia – Tribal Uhhhh! (Original Mix)
  11. Sergio Fernandez – Aborigines (Original Mix)
  12. UnoMas (Mia) – The real O.G (Original Mix)
  13. Javi Colina, Quoxx – No Matter (German Brigante remix)
  14. Zenbi – Kick Back (Original Mix)
  15. Danniel Selfmade & Charlie Demir – Libre La Vida (Supernova Remix)





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