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Chus+Ceballos start a new America tour

Montreal, San Francisco, West Palm, Mexico, Toronto are some of the cities that Chus+Ceballos will visit during next weeks.
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Stereo artists, Chus + Ceballos began in November a new tour by American lands. Montreal, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Mexico DF, Los Angeles or Toronto are some of the cities they will visit. In this tour, the duo will have the pleasure of Iberian attend events such as the 39th anniversary of “the endup”, the legendary San Francisco club that celebrates nearly four decades of celebrations. Stereo, in Montreal, another mythical and also stops to celebrate the 13th anniversary of one of the biggest clubs in the world.

  • 02/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Factory, Toronto, Canada
  • 03/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Stereo, Montreal, Canada
  • 10/11 Chus + Ceballos @ End up, SF
  • 16/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Jungle Club, Atlanta
  • 17/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Monarchy, West Palm Beach
  • 18/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Ragga Mexico city, Mexico
  • 19/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Monday Social, Los Angeles
  • 21/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Royale, Boston, Massachusetts
  • 22/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Cielo, New York, New York
  • 23/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Senso, Orlando, Florida
  • 24/11 Chus + Ceballos @ Vision, Chicago, Illinois
  • 08/12 Chus + Ceballos @ Club Space, Miami


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